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PERRIGO // Nytol Herbal TV atl

Positioning Nytol Herbal as the natural, safe and effective way to sleep well amongst what we called ‘anxious avoiders’ audience
(mainly female 40+ not keen in taking sleeping aids).
Do that by leveraging and lifting up the existing Nytol comms platform.

Get your sleep cycle back on track… naturally
In our approach Nytol Herbal is earthy. It is all about the blend of herbal extract and achieving a great routine.
It is dreamy. It helps you unwind and boost deep sleep.
It is peaceful and organic. Night by night Nytol Herbal helps you drift off quicker, deeper and wake up more rested.
It is the safe choice even for the most anxious audience.
It is soothing. A sensorial approach from a real, plant-powered sleeping aid, that helps you achieve a natural sleeping pattern within two weeks.

Pitch Results & Testing
WON! Appointed as creative agency for Perrigo entire Portfolio.
+ 75% Positive sentiment & awareness