Temporally – Denatured Sonorum 2016

devised & prototyped by Danila Luppino


I am very interested in how sound interacts with our brain and also also how we interact with the environment and the environment respond to us.
This project is an analogue kinetic sound installation experiment.

In a narrow corridor, the presence of the listener is detected by a microphone. The data (mainly air) passes through the microphone into the amplifier and then
from the amplifier into the transducers applied on top of a cymbal/metal sheet. Ultimately the metal will vibrate and act as a speaker, therefor responding to the human presence.

The shrilling sound produced by the metal results ambiguously not unpleasant.
The listener found himself shaping the noise with his movements, therefor creating a sort of ‘experimental musical composition’.
The noise increase when underneath the cymbal.