ATMOSPHERE - DeComputation 2016

devised & prototyped by Danila Luppino & Franziska Hatton

Excessive use of technology has increased the climate changes. On the other hand we use technology to capture the data of those changes and to calculate the risk caused by pollution. We also prototype/use new technologies to slow down the process. Then we calculate and collect the colours data in light and project it as colours or perhaps patterns into a physical installation. Ultimately we combine digital with physical because colours are a sensation of the mind, which can have no existence when it is not perceived, but also a quality or modification of bodies, which continues to be the same whether it is seen or not.

A wide range of psychological phenomena related to colour perception has been studied.
 For instance  a rare syndrome in which conscious colour vision is largely preserved in an otherwise apparently blind subject. This condition has only been observed after episodes of vascular insufficiency or carbon monoxide poisoning.

“The neurological basis of conscious color perception in a blind patient” S. Zeki*†, S. Aglioti‡, D. McKeefry§, and G. Berlucchi
Wellcome Department of Cognitive Neurology, University College, London