In The Mind Of Immersive - Red Gallery 2014

concept | co-direction | art direction | developed with kotaro abe and pasquale totaro

@ RED GALLERY, February 14-16th 2014

In The Mind Of Immersive is a multilayer experience: visual, sonorous and installation – a ‘triptych’ audio-visual sculpture that critiques and subverts the role of the female body and the relationship within art and communication.
Through a consideration of a trialectic of spatiality, space is reshaped as a powerful tool for thought and action as a result of imaginings. The space can be both contradictory and conflictual but it remains, nonetheless, a locus for action. Here, the installation reframes understanding of contemporary complexities so that one can view new perspectives, breaking outside of conventional frameworks.
As a disconcerting aesthetic emerges, the audience becomes part of the installation itself, becoming ‘immersive’, with surprise, poetic imagery, ultimately invited through participation, to contemplate and experience but also to question.

video project here

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