concept | art direction | devised & prototyped with kotaro abe and pasquale totaro

Liminal Light is a kinetic sculpture that represents live radioactivity data using light.
The light revolves in a circle on a thermochromic surface, leaving a unique visual generative trace with each revolution in response to local radioactivity levels measured by a radiation sensor
Radioactivity is all around us. Invisible and undetected, it is as ancient as the Earth itself.
Recent events, in Japan and elsewhere, have drawn attention to human vulnerabilities and shown how people should detect radioactivity levels for themselves.
The intention of Liminal Light is to raise awareness of the presence of radioactivity using the poetic and expressive language of experimental design.
We draw on the Japanese meditative calligraphic tradition of Ensou, a graphic circle representing the infinite generative nature of the universe.  Drawing Ensou is an activity traditionally intended to liberate mind from body. It expresses a discrete moment in time, unique to its creator.

Liminal light draws Ensou in response to live data, creating an endless series of temporary marks that fade from view.
The circle is constantly regenerated, exposing the ubiquitous quality of the Earth’s radiation.

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